Gavi Forest – Kerala

Kerala.. It’s always insufficient to describe its beauty. Especially there are some places in Kerala which may make you feel even better then heaven! One such place is ‘Gavi” forest.

Thekkadi is a beautiful place situated on borders of Kerala and Tamilnadu. It is situated near second dense forest of India spread over 777square km, popularly known as ‘PeriyarTiger Reserve.’ If time is sufficient you can spend days to visit it, however if you are running short with time, at least you can visit ‘Gavi’ for a day. As soon as we enter Gavi, there comes a check point. The entry fee here is 25Rs. Per person and 50Rs for vehicle. If you wind up with these formalities beforehand, it becomes easier to get in The roads here are obviously uneven and that makes jeep safari a prefect option.  Such jeeps are easily available from ‘Thekkadi.’

The earlier you start in morning, more pleasant it becomes as an experience, as animals like elephants, deers and few birds can easily be spotted during that time. Many species of animals and birds can be seen here. Even some tribal communities are residing inside this dense forest. .

drizzle on leaves

We visited Thekkadi in early June. Very dense forest, uneven forest roads, hills on one side and river Periyar on other side, sound of animals, birds and insects, an open jeep safari &drizzles… what a wonderful experience it was!

During your safari drive you can see spotted deers and if luck favors you can spot elephants too. It is like heaven for people fond of photography but yes, it isn’t advisable to get down the jeep without permission of local driver.

Wait! You just don’t have to come back after jeep safari. Tourism department offers fine facilities and they have developed a resort inside forest. You can select a package and stay there. If it isn’t feasible for you to stay overnight, you can choose one day package. We selected a package that started in morning and till afternoon. We could enjoy it. It included breakfast, lunch, tracking and boating. If select an overnight package a camp fire could also be enjoyed. You can also experience a ‘natural night’. 

After reaching above mentioned KFDC hotel you will definitely feel out of this world. Dense fog, cool weather, hot tea/coffee along with breakfast.. What else do you need?

Hey, wait.. Much more to come…

KFDC hotel view, lake behind tree is invisblin due to fog

while we visited, as soon as we finished breakfast, some guide in Khakee appeared and divided us in groups. Just then we get to know that there was a big pond in front of our eyes which was invisible due to dense fog! Now begins a track activity. To describe this experience we feel we really have no words. If you are a spiritual person then you will definitely feel some positivity around, and for such experience you will have to be there.

View during the track

After tracking, guide took us for boat ride. Cool breeze, drizzling around, the only voice you can hear is that of blades cutting water. This feeling becomes even more lovelier provided you are accompanied by choicest people. It’s not yet over… get ready for next surprise by ‘Gavi’.

We thought this might be just a boat ride in this beautiful lake, we have to take a round and come back to destination but soon we get to hear a voice of water fall, the place where the boat stopped was wonderful! Sorry we are speechless for this waterfall experience.

Like any good or bad time has a dead line, our time with ‘Gavi’ also ended. But indeed no one from us after this visit was in position to speak. Everyone were intoxicated by the dose given by Nature

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