Osam Hill, Dhoraji.

Let’s today have a mini trip in saurashtra region of Gujarat. Let’s visit a small but lovely place.

A small village called Patanvav is situated in Dhoraji taluka of Rajkot District. Road from Rajkot to Dhoraji is like any other road of this area, but as soon as we approach Patanvav, we would find out a row of small hills one of them is Osam hill.

It pronounces same as ‘Awesome’ and it is the way you feel there. A temple of ‘Matri mata’ is situated on Osam hill, the goddess is also known as ‘Osam Matri’.

Goddess Matri mata is Kul Devi of some family of Nagar community. Every year many people of this community visit this place. On the hill there is a primary facility of stay, just in last few years Government of Gujarat has declared this place as a tourism place. Every year on no moon day of Shravan month a fair is also organized here.
Apart from Matri Mata temple, one more temple of Tapkeshawar Mahadev is situated on the hill. It is situated in a natural cave where water oozes out as droplets and fall on ‘Shivling.’ Top of all a dam and pond are also present on the top of the hill. One more place on this hill is known as ‘Bhim Kund’, which is connected with an interesting mythological story.

A beautiful flat top tree

It is believed that Pandavas stayed here during their ‘Vanvas’. If we track to tapkeshwar temple remnants of said Pandava fort are found. Also its said that Bhim and Hidamba met here.. How romantic!

For track lovers, there are many hills here with greenery, cool breeze and chirping of birds. Visitors should keep in mind that during monsoon this place is more scenic, keep water bottle with you. (Well, please don’t throw away bottle of course) About 500 steps and you are there on top, no need to carry extra luggage. Wear comfy outfits but remember it’s a religious place so maintain dignity. Sport shoes are suggested.
The best season to visit is either monsoon or post monsoon. Tea is available in temple as well.

You can watch clouds passing, smell the wet soil and enjoy the nature. Osam is at 110Km from Rajkot, one can visit ‘Virpur’ on the way while getting there. Even after being declared as a tourist place some essential facilities like washroom are not available. For food also no much decent options are present.

We wish these facilities are made available in near future and make this place actual Awesome!!