Matheran, Maharashtra

इतर ब्लॉगवर सर्व वाचकांचे स्वागत आहे

Oh!  Don’t worry readers, I won’t write more Marathi than this, because I don’t know more than this 😉 This is the region we are going to visit today so we thought it would be better if there is a little feel at the beginning.

Yes, so let’s go back to Maharashtra today. Let’s visit Matheran, the only automobile free hill station in India as well as one of the smallest hill stations.  In India, the Western Ghats, the Sahyadri range is about 1,200 km long. Sahyadri range covers wide region of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Matheran is a must visit place in Maharashtra, situated at an altitude of 6 feet above sea level on the Sahyadri range.

Sunrise point

Named after the ‘Forest on the Forehead’, as already mentioned it is the only hill station with no vehicle entry. (the ambulance kept by the municipality is only vehicle there). So it can be a little uncomfortable to walk with a very young child or an adult with a knee problem. Of course whole Mathern can be seen through horse riding also.

Forest on forehead

Being a vehicle free hill station, it is no exaggeration to call it an oxygen tank. If we stay here for just two or three days, we can recharge our lungs for the whole year. The forest here is semi-evergreen, meaning it remains a green forest for almost all the months of the year. High mountains and tall trees are reason for a very good rain and foggy atmosphere.

camouflage snake on a tree

Most of the thirty-eight view points here are the same as you visit at almost all the hill stations. Such as Sun Set Point, Sun Rise Point, Echo Point etc. however some of the points are must visit for all like  Panorama Point, One Tree Hill Point, Louisa Point etc. Yes, Charlotte Lake, which supplies water to this hill station, is also a sight to behold. Small springs are formed in monsoon when this lake gets overflow.

filling lungs….

As mentioned earlier, Matheran is a small hill station, so if you are a little fit and fond of walking then bus number eleven..  (Sorry, the word ‘bus’ cannot be used for walking here either 😉 ) is the best option to roam around Matheran. To visit whole matheran by horse riding is an another option who have visited this place with toddlers and elders. Those who have less time to visit whole points also can prefer this option. However horse riding option is very expensive here. There are no fixed rates of horse rides. So, if you prefer horse riding option then bargain for sure.

thug baba..

There is so much pure oxygen here that you never get tired of walking (yes, swamps can be annoying in the rainy season). Getting up early in the morning with the natural alarm of birds chirping and wandering all day also means getting an early night’s sleep. Sleep reminded me that the lives of the people here.  Lives of the laborers are really full of hardships in Matheran. They literary have to fetch all daily consumptions items of visitors by hand cart or on horse back four to five Kms up the Hill. They always fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes.


Another big relief here is lack of mobile network in many places. No one can disturb you unless you want to get disturb by yourself. If we stay for three days and two nights, we can walk all over Matheran on foot. It is so small (with proper sleep at noon and night .. :)).  just like every other hill station, the hotels here also have good tea and snacks (or wandering all day and having a real appetite makes every hill station snack feel good?) You’ll fall in love with the red clay here on foot. .

How to Reach:

Matheran can be easily reached from Mumbai (30 km) as well as Pune (150 km). Mumbai’s local train is also connected to Neral station, apart from that there are many trains to Mumbai and Pune. Matheran is located at a distance of 21 km from Neral. There is a toy train from Neral to Matheran, but it has been closed for maintenance for a long time so it is advisable to ask beore planning toy train ride. Also, keep in mind that toy train speeds can be very tiring during the summer. A private (shared) vehicle is available from Neral to Dasturi Point which drops to Dasturi Point 11 km from Neral.  Dasturi Point is the last station, after which vehicle entry is prohibited. From here Matheran can be reached by horseback or by ferry. The entry fee of Matheran is Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for children (as per 2017 – tickets are available at check point of Dasturi Point). If the train is not operative and you want to reach Matheran by walk, you can reach from the train route also. This route is better than the normal route (equestrian route). Trekking enthusiasts can also reach by trekking which starts from the village of Dodha and exits from the sunset point of Matheran. Dodha is only fifteen km from Panvel.

So, to cleanse the lungs, to understand the importance of solitude, to take a break from social networking, to feel the jungle and give quality time to your loved ones  माथेरानला भेटलेच पाहिजे..

A local guide..

In the end .. we found a free local guide in Matheran. It was a doggie, Yes a stray dog.  Wherever we go, he walks ahead of us. He must have realized that if we don’t show them the correct way, they will get lost 🙂 With his help, we went all over Matheran “Bindas”. Have you ever been to Matheran? Have you ever experienced such a stray dog? Write in the comments. If you haven’t visited yet and want to visit after reading this then ask query at any time.

Stay Safe!

Matheran, Maharashtra

इतर ब्लॉगवर सर्व वाचकांचे स्वागत आहे

Hey, don’t worry we won’t write any more Marathi, because we don’t even know more of it! It was just to bring the feel of the region we are going to visit today (now please don’t ask for a ‘Lavni’ video for feel).

Let’s walk through Maharashtra this time. Let’s go to India’s only automobile free hill station and one of the smallest hill stations of India. Sahyadri mountain range is approximately 1600Km long which covers Kerela, Tamilnadu, Karnatak, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. In sahyadri mountain range 2625 ft high Matheran is a must visit place of Maharashtra.


It’s named as forest on the forehead. It is the only hill station in which vehicles are not allowed (Only one vehicle i.e. Ambulance is kept here). So it’s not suggested to go there with infants or elders with problem of Knee joints. There is option of horse riding; one can use horses to move around in Matheran though.

oxygen tank

Being vehicle free hill station it also can be said ‘oxygen tank’. If we stay here for couple of days our lungs get definitely charged for years. Forest here stays green through out the year. Dense forest with high trees creates good fog around.

Out of 38 viewpoints here, most are commonly seen on all hill stations, like sun set point, sun rise point, echo point etc. Some points are having beautiful view like panorama view point, one tree hill point, Louisa point etc. The water supply of the area is supplied by ‘Charlotte Lake’. Lake on the hill has all the different experience. When post monsoon the lake over flaws, streams are found around.

One tree hill point

As we said earlier Matheran is a small ‘Hill station’. So in case you are fit and fond of walking, you can move around in 11 Number bus! HaHaHa that means you can walk through all scenic points of Matheran. If you have aged people or children with you, you have option of hiring a horse. By the way horse riding is bit costlier there! And bargain is suggested.

Camouflage snake

Due to pure oxygen in abundance, you hardly feel tired of walking. In rainy season mud can irritate you. Early morning can break without alarm, chirping of birds will definitely wake you up. Walking around all the time will exhaust you enough so you can sleep early. That also reminds us of laborers here; their life is full of hardships. Imagine about a hill station which is always full of tourists, they need so many things and those things can’t be sent there by vehicles as it’s prohibited. So people pull carts up around 5 kilometer.. Just imagine how hard they must be sleeping after such a heavy day!

Major benefit here is problem in mobile coverage! Once you reach there no one can easily disturb you. Matheran is too small so one can walk down in couple of days with proper sleep. Surprisingly most owners of hotels and bungalows are Gujaratis (so don’t expect discounts)… tea and meals here are really tasty.

Matheran is 90 Km from Mumbai and 120 Km from Pune. There are local trains from Mumbai to Neral station. Matheran is about 21 Km from Neral. There is a toy train available from Neral to Matheran but it was not functioning the time we went to Matheran. Train is quite slow, so not advisable during summer, You can get shared or private vehicle from Neral to Dasturi point, which is 11 Km away from Matheran. There one has to pay entry fees which is Rs. 50 each for adult and 25 per child. One can get in toy train from here also. There is a tracking route from Dasturi point to Matheran for trackers. There is one more track route from village ‘Doghani’ to sun set point. Doghani is 15 Km away from Panvel.

So for charging lungs, to understand importance of peace, to get a break from social media, to experience jungle and give quality time to loved ones माथेरानला भेटलेच पाहिजे..

Finally in Matheran we got local free guide… a Dog… Yes a stray dog! It came by itself and started leading us everywhere! With its help we could move around easily. Have you ever been to Matheran? Have you ever met such a dog? Do mention in comment. If you haven’t been to Matheran we suggest you to go and feel free for any suggestions.

Our co-traveller